Custom Scripts

Commission and create your own script in the Custom Movie Voice Over for personal use only. Please note that when we say personal use only, this includes home videos and student projects. This doesn’t include anything that has commercial value. 50 words is £50 – up to 150 words its £100.

Ready to script?

The files must NOT be sold on. By purchasing you agree to the terms and conditions set out in the FAQ. We do monitor the internet and video sharing and file sharing sites. The price is affordable enough to encourage fair use.

How do I do it?

Click on the script pack below that best suits you. We offer a 50 word and a 150 word pack. Once you’ve selected a pack, follow the instructions on the custom script pack page. Most scripts will be voiced and returned within 48 hours of completing the custom script form.

The custom scripts are priced for none-commercial use. will always work with your budgets should you require use of a commercial nature. For Broadcast usage, usual rates apply. Contact us for a quote.

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