Movie Trailer Voiceover FAQ

Movie Trailer Voiceover FAQ

What is this site?

Movie Trailer Voice is created by voice artist, Guy Harris. The site offers the movie trailer voice for personal usage at an affordable price. If you want a voice for your Movie project (or any other video editing software package for that matter) the Movie Trailer Voice Pack is right up your street, with over 450+ cuts for you to make your own trailer. Alternatively, we can voice a custom script – visit the Custom Movie Script section of the site.

What is included in the Movie Trailer Voice Pack?

You can see a full list of the files included in the pack here. From the 450+ cuts included (600 if you select the bonus pack), you’ll be able to splice these files together to make endless combinations of Movie Trailer Voices with any video or audio editing package. If you would like to suggest some lines to enhance the package, please do.

Can I only use the Movie Trailer Voice Pack with iMovie?

No! You can use the high quality MP3 files with all good movie editing packages, such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro and Elements, Windows Movie Maker and many many more. As they are simply mp3 files, just drop them on the timeline where you need them.

How do I buy from this website?

Simply click buy on any of our products, visit the checkout, and pay safely via PayPal.

How are my files delivered?

Digitally. After paying via PayPal you will be directed to your receipt where you will be able to view a download link – you will be able to download your Movie Trailer Voice Pack from here. Alternatively, the link will also be sent to your email address as well. If you’ve ordered a custom script, it will be delivered via email within 48 hours.

I tried downloading my files, but it says “Download Limit Exceeded”.

You will only be able to attempt to download the files from our server up to two times. After two times, you will get the Download Limit Exceeded message. If you haven’t downloaded your pack or you’re having problems, please get in touch with your order number and we will be happy to email you the pack.

Can I share or re-sell the files I bought?

No. Certainly not! All Movie Trailer Voice Packs are watermarked with your order number. If we find your files on a file sharing site, we do take legal action. Don’t share files, this is an infringement of copyright!

What does “Personal License” mean?

It means that the files are only intended for personal use. For example – for use on making your own videos for your own enjoyment, with friends and viewers on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Students are able to use them as part of course work too. If you intend to make a video that will air on TV, or you intend to use the voice pack commercially, on the radio, your business, for advertisements or general broadcast then a personal license will not extend this far. We are happy to discuss commercial use of these files, and will be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch.

Will there be more files?

Yes, we will keep updating the pack, we take your suggestions of useful phrases and will add them.

What is the Bonus Pack?

The standard pack is available for a competitive £45 – and for this you will have access to 450 cuts. That’s just 10p per voice over – which represents amazing value. For £10 more you’ll also receive the bonus pack, which contains another 140 cuts – making it 590 in total.

Can I Download the Bonus Pack separately?

Not at this moment in time. The Bonus Pack is only available bundled with the original pack for £55 in total.

Would you like to see how I use them?

We would love to. Please send us the You Tube Link and if we spot a good one we may just feature it.

Can I ask a question?

Of course you can, we’ll always get back to you as soon as possible Click here.

Movie Trailer Voiceover FAQ